Clear Thinking creates extensions for the ecommerce system.

My goal is to create the highest quality extensions and have the best support available among OpenCart developers. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Bulk Product Editing
Total-Based Shipping
Stripe Payment Gateway
Add to Cart Button Switcher
New Returns E-mail
Automatic Shipping
Display Order Totals With Tax
Form Builder
Payment-Based Fee/Discount
Smart Search
Restrict Shipping Methods
Account Registration Captcha
Postcode-Based Shipping
Category & Product-Based Shipping
Formula-Based Fee/Discount
Filter by Price Module
Shipping Estimate Module
Admin Save and Keep Editing
Ultimate Shipping
MailChimp Integration
Shipping-Based Fee/Discount
Dynamic Categories Module
Restrict Payment Methods
Total-Based Fee/Discount
Flexible Products Module

Clear Thinking

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