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Contact Form History
Contact Form History Contact Form History Contact Form History

Current Version: v302.2 (release notes)

This report extension will record the data every time someone uses your "Contact Us" form, and display it in an easy-to-read format. Utilize it to help keep track of who contacts you, when they did, why they did so, and if their message has been answered.
  • Upload and go — utilizes ocMod (or vQmod for OpenCart 1.5.x / 2.x) so no core file modifications are necessary.

  • Keep a running history of the date, name, e-mail address, message, and IP address of every person that uses your store's contact form.

  • Reply to inquiries directly within the extension. Admin responses are added to the message, so other admin users can view how the inquiry was responded to.

  • Mark each message as answered or not answered, to help you remember which messages still need a reply.

  • Export the history as a CSV file.

  • Automatically installs the necessary database table.
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