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Current Version: v2024-3-25 (release notes)

OpenCart Versions: 1.5.0.x - 4.0.2.x

Live Sites Using Fulltext Searching: (10,000+ products) (78,000+ products) (20,000+ products)

Improve the accuracy of the search on your OpenCart site! Smart Search will return the most relevant results by performing a search of the selected product fields in four phases: (1) products with the exact phrase, (2) products with ALL keywords, correctly spelled, (3) products with ALL keywords, possibly misspelled, (4) products with ANY keywords, possibly misspelled. It includes advanced search configuration options, an automatic live search dropdown, recording of search history, and more.
  • Upload and go — no core file modifications are necessary. The extension utilizes vQmod for OpenCart 1.5.x, ocMod for OpenCart 2.x/3.0, and Event hooks for OpenCart 4.0.

  • Take advantage of the built-in extension updater. All that's required is to enter your current license key and click "Update".

  • Includes all the features of the standard Smart Search extension.

  • Includes pluralization libraries for English, Dutch, French, Italian, Norwegian (Bokmal), Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.

  • Smart Search your products in the admin panel as well as the front-end.

  • For large databases, choose to enable Fulltext search, which is faster but less accurate than the normal Smart Search algorithm

  • Choose to display matching categories, information pages, and/or manufacturers along with your product results.

  • Display relevant category/information/manufacturer pages in both the regular search and live search.

  • Optionally show a "Did you mean...?" section in the live search, with suggestions based on the keywords being searched.

NOTE: This extension works with the Journal theme, but does NOT work with Journal's filters. If you need a filter extension that works with Smart Search Pro, check out Ultimate Filters Module.


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