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Extension Information

Current Version: v2024-4-12 (release notes)

OpenCart Versions: 1.5.1.x - 4.0.2.x

This extension allows you to create a module for any products you want, and includes the ability to display all the selected products on their own product listing page. You can create as many modules as you want, each with their own linked products, and show/hide them on whatever category pages you choose.
  • Upload and go — requires no modification to core files or the database.

  • Take advantage of the built-in extension updater. All that's required is to enter your current license key and click "Update".

  • Compatible with most custom themes without any changes needed.

  • Choose products individually, or by category and/or manufacturer.

  • Set each modules' settings independently (status, text, image size, description limit, number of products to show, and location).

  • Optionally select the category pages on which to hide or show each module.

  • Easily duplicate modules and all their associated settings.

  • Add as many products as you want to each module — products within the module box are displayed randomly, showing as many as the "Limit" setting.

  • Display all linked products at once on the module's product page, which is shown when the customer clicks the module's "View All" link.


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