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Current Version: v2024-4-12 (release notes)

OpenCart Versions: 1.5.0.x - 4.0.2.x

Add a delivery date and time selector to your checkout! This extension will work with any shipping methods you have installed, and shows up at the top of the shipping options. The customer's choices are added the "Shipping" line item on the order, meaning that they are displayed everywhere the order line items are shown. The extension has been designed to require only a very small ocMod file, which should minimize conflicts with other shipping modifications and custom checkouts.

  • Upload and go — utilizes vQmod (for 1.5), ocMod (for 2.x and 3.0), or Events (for 4.0) so no core file modifications are necessary.

  • Take advantage of the built-in extension updater. All that's required is to enter your current license key and click "Update".

  • Set all front-end text directly in the admin panel, including specifying the date format and language for the date selector.

  • Restrict the extension to particular shipping method(s), or individual shipping rates within those methods.

  • Choose to allow or disallow picking same-day delivery.

  • Select which days of the week are possible as delivery date choices.

  • Optionally enter a list of disabled dates, which will prevent those dates from being selected.

  • Set the list of time options however you want, as on-the-hour choices, a set of time ranges, or anything else.

  • Choose to apply additional fees based on day of the week, date, or time slot.

  • Includes a report that lets you display a list of orders that have chosen particular delivery dates.

  • Due to the minimal ocMod edits required by this extension, it should work with most custom checkouts. NOTE: It does not work on Journal 3's quick checkout at this time. If you're using another custom checkout and are having issues, please contact Clear Thinking.


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