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Current Version: v2024-1-24 (release notes)

OpenCart Versions: 1.5.0.x - 4.0.2.x

This extension allows you to retrieve more accurate UPS rates in OpenCart. For carts that weigh over 150 pounds, you can split up the UPS request into multiple packages. You can also enter your UPS shipper number to retrieve negotiated rates, and can choose to make various adjustments to the weight, dimensions, and cost calculations.

  • Upload and go — no core file modifications are necessary. To add the button for printing labels, the extension utilizes vQmod for OpenCart 1.5.x, ocMod for OpenCart 2.x/3.0, and Event hooks for OpenCart 4.0.

  • Take advantage of the built-in extension updater. All that's required is to enter your current license key and click "Update".

  • Request UPS rates for multiple packages if the cart weight is over the 150 lb UPS limit.

  • Choose whether the rate request includes a package for each individual item, or calculates the number and size of packages by using a 3D packing algorithm.

  • Optionally set your own box sizes for the 3D packing algorithm to use, rather than have the algorithm determine the appropriate box sizes itself.

  • Adjust the item dimensions, item weights, and/or box weight before the UPS request is made. You can also set weight limits for when each rate appears, and adjust the cost of each rate individually.

  • Display estimated delivery times and factor the UPS insurance costs into the rates shown to the customer.

  • Use your UPS shipper number to retrieve negotiated rates.

  • Restrict when the extension is available based on store, geo zone, and customer group.

  • Use the included Testing Mode when encountering issues, to help determine why things are not working on the front-end as expected.

  • Create and print shipping labels directly from the Sales > Orders > View page. Customers are automatically notified with the tracking number when a label is created, and you can modify the e-mail template directly in the extension settings.


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